The European General Data Protection Regulation will come to force on 25th of May 2018. Compared with the incumbent Directive the new Regulation enhances the terms of protection for personal and sensitive data of natural persons, grant additional rights to individuals and extends the penalties for Companies where not complying to GDPR provisions to a frightening amount – the maximum fines are 20 million EUR or 4% of the total revenue of the previous year, whichever is higher.

We developed a step by step methodology to help companies avoid such painful penalties:

  1. Readiness assessment: Explore the Company’s informational landscape (resources, people, data, processes) to assess the existing compliance level.
  2. Gap Analysis: Identify and analyze the gaps to a fully compliant status, model recommendations and agree the recommendation with the beneficiary.
  3. GDPR implementation: Prioritize and implement recommendations regarding data flows mapping, organizational structure and policies and training.

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