IT Audit

As Organizations have ever more compliance requirements, there is an increasing number of regulations and standards requiring that Companies perform IT audits in order to assess their adherence to these standards.

Our specific IT Audit services include:

  • Assessing regulations that Companies must comply with – depending on the business type or systems used by Organizations, we can help you assess what you must comply with;
  • Audit as per Regulation no. 6/2015 issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.), in order to assess whether financial entities have complied with the requirements of Regulation no. 6/2015;
  • Mobile banking applications audit, to assess the degree to which these platforms are properly secured;
  • European funding audits, to assess whether implemented systems are as per the financing requirements;
  • General controls audits, to assess whether implemented controls are adequate, both by definition and operating effectiveness;
  • Functionality audits, to verify that applications can serve Organizations’business needs;
  • User experience (UX) audits, to verify that applications are easy to use and friendly or the way these applications can be improved based on the pool of users, available functionality etc.;
  • Internal IT audit, to assist Organizations in specific internal IT audit activities.