Strategic Risk Management

Our Strategic Risk Management Services help Organizations to reduce operational risks and costs by taking an action-based approach. We assist Organizations to identify both the reasons and the factors that led to incidents happening and we define appropriate Risk Management strategies to address vulnerabilities in a sustainable manner.

Our specific RM services:

  • Risk governance and Organizational structure analysis: defining a risk governance structure, organizational positioning as well as defining roles and responsibilities;
  • ERM capability and maturity model assessment: analyze current ERM capabilities and determining a desired maturity model, as well as planning for reaching this maturity model;
  • ERM program strategy: defining a strategic plan, an ERM model and a roadmap;
  • ERM systems assessment, benchmark analyses, requirements gathering, RFP definition and selecting a system, selection and implementation of support tools;
  • Define risk appetite, tolerance thresholds and governance protocols: define acceptable risk limits and risk appetite, as well as tolerance limits;
  • ERM process and procedures assessment and improvement;
  • Risk identification, assessment and prioritization: by assisting internal staff to identify, document, evaluate and prioritize risks;
  • Define plan risk responses: evaluate risk response options as well as associated costs.